Amor, por favor! Corona-proof concerts

26 & 27 September 2020

The promised rain stayed away, and we enjoyed two dry, temperate afternoons. We were very happy to be able to welcome guests back into our (Corona-proofed) house and although we could seat fewer guests, the atmosphere was as warm and intimate as ever....

Non puede ser Sorozàbal

Canciones Clásicas españolas - Obradors

- 1) La mi sola, Laureola

2) Al Amor

3) Corazón, porqué pasáis?

5) Con amores, mi madre

6) Del cabello más sutil

7) Coplas de Curro Dulce

Lasciami! Lascia, ch’io respiri - Tosti

A vucchella - Tosti

Occhi di Fata - Denza

Penso - Tosti

Non t'amo più - Tosti

Chanson d’Adieu - Tosti (only on sunday)

Avanti Urania - Puccini

Amor, vida de mi vida - Torroba

Our eternal gratitude to Frank and Taco for providing a professional grade party tent, which made all the difference to our guests. Thank you both so much!

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